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PostSubject: General Rules   General Rules Icon_minitimeSat 7 Jul - 23:26

The General Rules are...well...General.

The Most important Rule doesn't have a number: RESPECT. It's just common sense. Respect people around you and the forum itself. Do not steal anyone's ideas or story. Respect the rules and everything should go well for you on your stay here.

1- Fighting
If you have a bonce to pick with anyone for any reason, please tell me instead of trying to make justice yourself. I will take care of it in a calm and swift manner.

2- Language
Even though we're on an adult type forum, I will ask you to watch your language. Try not to put three swear words in a five word sentence... For example: "God Fucking Dammit! My foot!" See...not that pretty for a sentence, is it?

3- Number of Accounts
You can have as many as you can keep active. I don't want half of my forum to be inactive because you don't feel like posting with your other characters.

4- Number of topics
It's the same as the third rule, I just want you to answer them as often as it's possible for you to do so.

5- Hentai
Hentai topics or any other form of it (Yaoi and yuri) are accepted on this forum. But please, pay in mind that some people are more sensitive to that kind of topic, so tell us in the title if it is one of those hot rps.

6- Mature Looking
Please, since Hentai is accepted here, I will await all or you to have a mature looking character. There will be no exceptions.
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General Rules
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