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 Rules of Writing

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PostSubject: Rules of Writing   Rules of Writing Icon_minitimeThu 5 Jul - 18:02

1- Rules before posting
So you decided to start a topic, well cheers! All I'm asking from you here is to make a minimum of seven LINES, not sentences, to commence the topic. Afterwards, you may only need to make five complete lines per posts.

2- Rules While Posting
This is the part that usually frustrates me. If, like me, you tend to get yourself in your characters' skin, and you write very fast when he or she is angry, pay in mind the way you type! This is not a chat room or a cellphone, we do not use text message language here. Also try and mind those pesky errors and mistypes that we common folks do. I won't bite if it's once or twice, but if you stay slopy all the time, I will have your head on a plater. Or I'll just poke you until you bruise.
To make it clear to everyone, please try to write the actions of the character in Itallic. Exemple:

She turned her face away from the man that held a hand for her.

You may also help others by putting the words in Bold or in colour, or both! Exemple:

"Tss...As if I need your help!"

You can also put the thoughts of your character between my two favorite little stars *_*. Exemple:

*That was nice of him...*

3- Rules to End a Topic
I think this is the most simple rule around. To end a topic, simply write at the bottom in a clear way: END OF TOPIC. Then you may write if the story continues elsewhere.
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Rules of Writing
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