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 Secret Service Contract form

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PostSubject: Secret Service Contract form   Secret Service Contract form Icon_minitimeMon 16 Jul - 15:06

To have your very own secret service agent, you must fill out this contract. You may only fill it out if you are living in the Ayakashi House and if you are an Atavist.

Full Name:
Type of Atavist:
Appartment Number:

Desired Sex of the Agent:
Desired Character (the way he or she acts) of the Agent:
Average Age (the way he looks) of the Agent:

Duration of the Contract:

After filling out this form, Secret Service Agents may go here and chose if they wish to take you on as their "Master".

Note of the Administration: Your appartment number will only be assigned to you if you ask for it.
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Secret Service Contract form
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