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 The ranks

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PostSubject: The ranks   Wed 6 Aug - 10:29

Soul Reaper:
They are the ones who kill the human's body and take their soul away to bring forth a new demon. They bring the souls to the Guardian once the Harvester is done with them.
They are mostly found in the Black Roses however some red roses may become Reapers.

Soul Harvester:
They are the ones who pick the human and spend time with them in order to create a ripe soul. They manipulate the him to create the perfect soul for their roses.
Normally the Red Roses are best here, but some Black Roses can charm the more innocent humans.

They are found in both clans. They protect the breeding grounds from everything and everyone. They welcome the new born demons and raise them until they can take care of themselves or that another demon takes them under their care.
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The ranks
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