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PostSubject: Hideaki   Hideaki Icon_minitimeSun 15 Jul - 19:43

Last Name: Noboru
First Name: Hideaki
Age: 21 years old

Sex of your Character: Man
Sexual Orientation of your Character: Bisexual, with a male preference.

Clan: White Lotus
Job: Soul thief

1- Fire
2- Spirit communication
Description of your powers:
1- Being a pheonix, I can manipulate flames, make them appear and disapear as often as I desire it. And when my tails rub together, it happens that they sparks a flame. Though It not like I know what I am, so I think it's just because I'm a pheonix.
2- That is a gift of the Inari Shrine, being priests, we can all see and talk with spirits, and whatever spirits they are, animal or human or even demons. I thought that everybody was the same, but it seems that some people can't see or hear them. 

Physical Description: In my humanoid form, I look like any other normal 21 year old human with my shoulder lenght silver hair, but my eyes, I have to lie about, they are natural crystal blue because of my Yokai heritage. My skin is pale, but that is because of the way my parents have raised me. I am small for my age, but still the tallest in my family. I wear the only clothes that my family owns, kimonos from the shrine and simple clothing. And I only feel comfortable if I am wearing traditionnal japanese shoes, the mordern ones hurt me if I wear them too long.
When I am in my normal form, I have two long beautiful silky wings in my back the feathers are light blue and pearl white. 

Psychological Description: Since I was to inherite the family shrine, I was taught to always stay calm and listen to whatever people had to say. I have learn to withold my opinion and to remain impartial to others problems. Though all this pressure put on my shoulders since a child have made me unstable emotionally. I never learned to listen to my own heart, only to others. My parents also never accepted my preferences, so they either locked me inside the temple or the house. They don't like to be seen in public with me.

Story: The day I was first born, I was held by the arms or two angels. Well, that's what they looked like. Both of them had kind looks in their eyes and they named me together. I started considering them my parents at that moment. Although they were not related to me, they treated me as their own and it made me grow up to be a strong and dependable man. Well...strong...I became able to somewhat defend myself. My physical strength is not impressive, my powers are.
Compared to my family, I once left the uncharted territories, my hone to go explore. As I did, I met red and black roses but it seems that my appearance made them believe I was one of them. I took advantage of all this to get some souls and bring them back to my people. They liked that, so I became a thief.

Hideaki Hideak11
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PostSubject: Re: Hideaki   Hideaki Icon_minitimeSun 15 Jul - 19:56

Welcome on the forum!

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