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 The species

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PostSubject: The species   Mon 4 Aug - 23:28

A simple recap of the species

Red Roses:
They are the charmers, the seducers. They are not usually physical strong and their bodies are quite attractive to both men and women. They are often categorized as the super models of their world.

Black Roses:
The warriors, the assassins. Physically engineered for battles and assassination. Their presence can go unnoticed even if they are massive in size. They are often thought to be the Beasts of their realm and will listen to any order given to them by the one capable of defeating them on equal grounds.

The White Lotus:
The calm and caring. Complete opposites in terms of attitude, these demons can however present both types of physiques. They can be both seductive and brawny. Usually they prefer peace over violence but they will defend their own against an enemy.
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The species
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