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 homeless wolf

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Yuri Akuma

Yuri Akuma

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PostSubject: homeless wolf   homeless wolf Icon_minitimeSun 1 Jun - 11:20

Last Name: Akuma
First Name: Yuri
Age: 18 556

Sex of your Character: come to me... and... look deeper...
Sexual Orientation of your Character: ^_^ just come closer and find out!

Race: Red Rose - wolf demon

Job: a lost wolf.. I'm homeless…..


Flare : controls flame, can turn into flame, they call me flaming wolf
Revive : heal wounds, be it mine or others. I won't bleed much no matter how hard you cut me.
Ice shards : made ice shards, or blades, control ice and water as well.

Physical Description:(Minimum 4 complete lines)

red hair, red eyes, red coat, red nails, and even red lips! Everything about me was all RED. Why? Because I'm a flaming wolf that's why! I am known as the wolf of flames. I turn into flames like efreet would do but in wolf form. Though in my normal appearance, I would have a cute, beautiful face, pale white skin, silky like the finest silk. And I have things for red. Even my hair pin was red rose! Anyways, in my normal appearance, I would wear red coat, a short one like a vest, and short black pants with black leather belt. I have fangs and claws but they were cute ones not so big or scary like a tiger's of course ^_^ ( unless I'm in wolf form)

Transformation description : (3 lines minimum)

For my animal form, I would look like a flaming wolf. A total wolf made of flame that's all. When I turn, my fangs and claws became bigger and they were blazing flames. Totally different from my normal form ( where my fangs and claws were just lovely and cute). In this wolf form, I would turn everything into a blaze. Set everything on fire ( if I wanted to of course).

Psychological Description: (Minimum 4 complete lines)

once, I was owned by a young man. He pamper me, treated me like his most valued treasure, but then he grew old and die. Thanks to his love and caring towards me, I grew up into a happy, loveable wolf. I like acting cute and tease my master. Asking to be pampered and play with them. I'm a cheerful wolf when you knew me already though I'm only tame towards my owner. So.. I will growl and glare towards stranger! Don't try anything funny on me!

Story:(Minimum 7 lines)

raised to be a happy person, I lived well, grew up well. Though one day, before my owner died, he took me with him, and he gave me to a man. This man was a strong warrior. He looked strong, and he's handsome but he looked so sad. And so, my owner who saw him, said

,' Jin-san, this is Yuri, my beloved wolf, you see.. I'll die soon, and please.. do this old man a favor.. please take care of yuri for me."

Then my owner died. And I lived with this man called Jin. He's kind but I felt that he's in pain. He needed lots of pampering or cute act maybe? Well I'm good in those things!! I could go cute on him and made him smile ^_^ I'm sure of that!! Who could resist puppy eyes from a cute golden wolf like me? XD
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PostSubject: Re: homeless wolf   homeless wolf Icon_minitimeSun 1 Jun - 11:24

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homeless wolf
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