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PostSubject: this dont have title   this dont have title Icon_minitimeSun 20 Apr - 9:36

Last name:
First name: Sanzo
Age: 35 years old

Sex of your character: man
Sexual orientation of your character:

Race: Yokai
Job: Businessman

Enlightenment : this powers heal wounds, provide lives, and at the same time, the light, I could turn it into blade. This light, will took any form I wish it to be, blade, fox, wolf, dragon, anything I wish.

Physical Description:
Long brown hair, creamy skin, brown eyes , tall figure, slim yet strong body I had. I looked like a total oriental guy, and I am, an orient man. I have fondness over oriental cultures, clothes, and food. Most of the time, I would wore traditional clothing, or sometimes, if it is necessary. Formal suit worked on me too, I don't mind wearing them. I am a dragon yokai, a red dragon. Even in my human form, I still could let out my wings and horns, if I wish for it.

Transformation Description:
If my human form I was a normal looking guy, my dragon form was just a normal looking dragon. I would have a big figure, just like all Dragons had. Horned head, huge fangs and claws. My eyes would be red just like my whole body. I am the red dragon . my scales were all red and when the sun hit those scales, it reflects the color of light orange all over it.

Psychological Description:
I'm a calm man, when it came to business dealing and all. But when it came to my own life, I tend to be filled with mystery, I don't like to open myself to people. I let them guess about me. I have this younger brother. He did not know that I was his family, I did not let him know. I gave the mark on his face and that time, when his blood was on my finger, I tasted it and knew that the blood was the same as mine. But I only met him once and that's it. I continue my own life and he continued his.

I don’t have any family, that's all I know. I lived my life as a normal guy at first but then since I'm a yokai, I started to think to build my own ' kingdom' so, I build my own business kingdom. I build it slow and it grew strong and firm. I spread my companies all over the world and they were all successful. One day, I attended a party or some kind of it, it was then I met a guy that I put mark on. During that time, I thought he was about to attack me so I just lay scratches on his face and then left. I barely saw him again and I never met him anymore. Though at that time when I tasted his blood, I knew, we were bound by blood, but blood meant nothing for me, since I don't have family. I don't consider him family at all. It's not that I hated him, I just don't want to have family yet, I wasn't ready for it. I'm used to be alone.
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PostSubject: Re: this dont have title   this dont have title Icon_minitimeSun 20 Apr - 9:37

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this dont have title
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