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 Faolen awaits you

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PostSubject: Faolen awaits you   Faolen awaits you Icon_minitimeSat 19 Apr - 9:27

Last name:
First name: Faolen
Age: 28 years old

Sex of your character: man
Sexual orientation of your character: men

Race: Atavist
Job: Former Model, Manager

Powers: Living Art
Description of your powers: Living Art: Every drawing I create, may come to life at my command. Even statue or any other piece of art I make can come to life and obey my command. No blood is needed, just ink and a brush. Though easy to destroy, they can come out of the paper relentlessly.

Physical Description: From a very young age, I've been noticed for my beauty that rivaled even the most splendide women. With my very long black hair, people always think of me as a woman. My thin body may be another reason why men always flirt with me. However, my natural forest green eyes are what catches people's attention once I look at them. I have always had soft features, which might explain why people only see me as an artist and a gentle man. I am also said to be prince like. I have elegance, I will not deny it, but I do have flaws. I have three scars cause by a Yokaï on the bottom left side of my face, which put a stop to my carreer.

Transformation Description: Not much changes from my human form to my real form. I am a black nekomata after all. I only gain ears on top of my head and two long fluffly tails. Now they are all black and I do have the cat pupils and the longer and sharper claws and fangs, but I very rarely transform, so this form has not been seen very often. My nekomata blood may also explain why I am graceful, and I always fall back to my feet.

Psychological Description: Compared to what people think of models, I am not full of myself, I'm actually a very giving man. I don't think of myself as perfect, I actually like to hear people name my flaws, it makes me feel more human.
I do have an emotional flaw. I have in mind that I can only Belong to a person if that men marks me. I consider the scratches on my face to be the marks of the man I must be with. And so I will await him loyaly. Although I appreciate an occasional flirt, I will never go all the way if it's not that man. Actually, I have never even kissed a man on his lips.

Story: I was a promising young model. I started when I was fourteen and I was quickly brought into the higher circles of fashion and politics. People wanted to come to me to take a picture with me or even flirt. However, I keep my heart and body for the man that would mark me.
I became very popular, very quickly and I worked hard to stay on top. Until one day, a Yokaï scratched my face. In my eyes, that man marked me and so I would keep myself pure until he comes back for me. The news broke that I was forced to retire. However, I would not be defeated by this. I chose to use my experience to help other, young models in their carreer. I have received a new assignement. Two young models need my help. I will gladly teach them what I know. Kagerou and Akamaru. This will be fun.
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PostSubject: Re: Faolen awaits you   Faolen awaits you Icon_minitimeSat 19 Apr - 9:35

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Faolen awaits you
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