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 the four horsemen

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Shikaku Rosier

Shikaku Rosier

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PostSubject: the four horsemen    the four horsemen  Icon_minitimeMon 7 Apr - 11:43

Last Name: Rosier
First Name: Shikaku
Age: N/A

Sex of your Character: N/A
Sexual Orientation of your Character: N/A

Race: Yokai
Job: N/A

Powers: [3 for Yokaï, 2 for Atavists, 0 for humans] Remember your powers must have something to do with your bloodline.

Description of your powers: (At least 2 lines)

pestilence : twin blades made of soul called pestilence. With this , he brought plague to the land, all kind of plague were under his sleeves. No escapes, nobody would be immune of this pestilence. He would cause disease, and plague, all over the whole land, destroy a jewel, destroy even the rare jewel of athens.

Red & Black horses : two spirits of horses, one was red , the other is black. The red one, represents war, with this, he would destroy all kings, only he shall be the one who won the war, all kingdom will be crushed, none would stand against the red horse. The black horse was to bring famine. No matter how you work, the land would give you nothing but thorns. No matter how much blood you spill, you'll only eat dust of your own corpse.

Death, the pale rider : unlike other three souls, Death has no weapons, he was the master of Hades himself. Death goes wherever he ride, sorrow and silent cry follow his every steps. The interesting fact was, Hades, he was a beautiful man that follow SHikaku wherever he goes, but this Hades, he was just a soul without a mind or heart. He was a mere tool.

Physical Description:(Minimum 4 complete lines)

He has long silver hair, his eyes were all light silver with a slight of purple. His view was totally different from usual people. In his eyes, he saw someone's soul not face, nor body. His eyes was special, he wasn't born with normal eyes. His silver purple eyes could not see what normal people saw. With him, it's all your soul that he saw. As the four horsemen, Shikaku had a very eccentric appearance. He wore black shawl to cover his intimate, and black fundoshi under it. His legs were covered with golden armor, all the way to his thigh. He wore a golden necklace with some totem attached to it. It was special necklace to call upon the archangels . on the arms, he wore black gloves and a red ruby ring. On the waist, he wore black belt and golden chains all around he covered a bit of his other thigh with belt around it, made of leather.

Transformation description (Yokaï and Atavist): (3 lines minimum)

He was already in an appearance of a yokai or so to say, a monster. With pale skin, strong builds, silver eyes ( full silver and purple) he looked more like a demon. Though there's only a slight of difference when he summoned Hades. He would be surrounded by that guy all around, and it would look like the Hades himself, Embracing shikaku as his master.


He was a tool of heaven, he has no feelings expect for the souls that he saw. As stated, his view was totally different from other people's. if others could see the shape of a person, the skin color, hair, and all, Shikaku only saw their soul. As the four horseman itself, Shikaku hated sinners, it was his job to vanquish all sinners along with their despicable sin. He despise bad guys, murderer, liars, whores, he was born to confront them, banish them forever, wipe them out like a plague, which he was, the plague itself. The one interesting thing about him was, there was a pact between him and the king of heaven. It was said, that upon the act of true love, his eyes shall see like other's would see, he would see sunrise and dawn, like others would. But… can he really found that true love? Guess that’s IMPOSSIBLE. Judging that his knowledge of love was taken away from him, at the day where he surrender his light.

Story:(Minimum 7 lines)

,' Why did you take them? What had I done?  I wished nothing and asked nothing from you! I don't even know who you are!!"

Shikaku just lose his whole family. His wife, kids, father, mother, everyone. All of them was murdered right before his eyes by a man that he thought as an Angel ( the truth that guy was a Demon, an Evil one). This man, has black hair with a light of purple color, long too and it reached his butt. This man, was so beautiful that it would took his breath away. But at that time, he was speechless and in shock. He did not answer nor think of anything to the man's question. The beautiful angel asked what Shikaku wished for and he said none. He already had what he wanted, a family, loving family. He was a humble man at that time. Though his answer did not please the angel and so, he was left alone to die. In the end, he die after watching the angel man killed each and everyone in his family.

Thus, he ascends to heaven. And in that holy place, he met the King of Heaven. He made a pact with him. Shikaku shall lost all lights, and became the four horsemen, just as he wished, so that he could wipe out sorrow and sins all over the world. The King , agreed and he took Shikaku's lights from him. He shall never see sunrise, or dawn, nor glimmering lights of heaven. However, the King of Heaven said to him as he gently caressed Shikaku's face.

,' it was true that lights had been taken from you, my friend, but heed my words, upon the act of true love, you shall earn everything you've lost, ten thousand times more, and if that happens, the brightest light shall be given to you, My beloved friend."
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Kagerou Asagiri

Kagerou Asagiri

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PostSubject: Re: the four horsemen    the four horsemen  Icon_minitimeTue 8 Apr - 10:04

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the four horsemen
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