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 your fox.. fluffy one of course

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PostSubject: your fox.. fluffy one of course   your fox.. fluffy one of course Icon_minitimeWed 19 Mar - 21:06

Last Name: Ritsuka
First Name:
Age: 17

Sex of your Character: come closer and you shall see
Sexual Orientation of your Character: undetermined

Race: Red Rose - Fox Demon
Job:Host, Strip Dancer ( sometimes)


Light Magic:

The first magic skill that i learn from my ancestor. With the power of light magic, I am able to cure and heal wounds. Sometimes i use my skill to banish darkness and call forth the light which is very useful to banish evil.Though i like this ability the most, I am still developing it and trying to learn a higher level of light magic, perhaps along with my journey I could cast a higher magic with more effective effect.

Dark Magic:

Most of my dark magic are offensive ability. I only use them i battle or whenever i feel threatened. At first i can only throw some lighting or fire ball, but as i learn more about this dark magic, i get new skill to use. I can use this skill to the fullest destructive when I turn into white fox, This is also the reason why i rarely use this destructive power.

Holy Fire :
This flame could be used to harm people just like summoning hell fire to the whole earth, or maybe, if I decide to use it for healing purpose, it would be a holy flame that healed any wounds and remove curses as well.

Physical Description:(Minimum 4 complete lines)

My original white fox form is rarely seen. When I am in that form, I got two long white ears, long tail that is fluffy like a soft cotton, sharp claws and fangs, with red eyes burns like fire. My body in white fox form has length in about 5 meters, if you count my head and tail then it'll be 8 meters length.

However, since i can transform into human or take humanoid form, I also get a different appearance. In my human form, I will have a long purple hair , its soft like a satin silk, and I have this cat eyes with black pupil, violet iris . and a smooth creamy skin. My height is not so tall when I'm in this form, perhaps its about 170 CM. The worst thing is, when i take my humanoid form, i tend to look like a woman, and people always call me

Psychological Description: (Minimum 4 complete lines)

i am a playful person and i like to party and have fun all day long. I really hate being in a quiet place with nobody around to play with. However, I tend to get bored quickly, and when i do, I'll go somewhere else to have fun in. My description of fun might not like anyone else, Since i got a job as a host I like to fool around and charm all guest with my look (of course in humanoid form). Oh, also, I have another job, sometimes I do strip dancing but only at a certain occasion, and the person who booked me is never allowed to touch , they just see.

Story:(Minimum 7 lines)

The day i was born is never known to anyone, not even me. Both my white fox parents were killed during war and i am left all alone by myself ever since that time. trying to forget the tragedy is what I'm trying to do now. It is still clear in my head how they were brutally tortured and killed. Thou I hold no hatred towards humans, I just don't really trust them. and so, my life goes on, and before i knew it, i have grown to adult. I also learn new things such as survival, hunting, and any other basic skill for a fox to remain exist. right after i fully able to control my shape transforming, I start to blend with people with my humanoid form. I work as a host and dancer at a two different place, this is the least i could do for a living since i don't like it living in the woods. As i live together with humans, i learn their language and culture , also their way of life. its quite interesting for me to do it, and it also helps me to forget the tragedy that happen in the past. Living a new life and look forward is the only thing that i care to do right now.
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Kagerou Asagiri

Kagerou Asagiri

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PostSubject: Re: your fox.. fluffy one of course   your fox.. fluffy one of course Icon_minitimeWed 19 Mar - 21:07

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your fox.. fluffy one of course
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