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 your beloved assassin

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PostSubject: your beloved assassin    your beloved assassin  Icon_minitimeSat 8 Feb - 9:35

Last Name:
First Name: Dante
Age: 77 999

Sex of your Character: man
Sexual Orientation of your Character: N/A

Race: Yokai ( orochi)
Job: assassin

Powers: [3 for Yokaï, 2 for Atavists, 0 for humans] Remember your powers must have something to do with your bloodline.

Red Queen & Artemis : I could summon two weapons, one is Red queen : which was my gun blade , and the second one, was artemis, which was my shotgun ( modified one). Those two weapons unleash demonic power and it could only used by me and no other.

Revive : you may cut me many times, but I would always back to one piece again. It might say, It was useless to cut me with anything. Besides healing myself, I could also heal others, if I wanted to. I could even make then regenerate as fast as I could.

Physical Description:(Minimum 4 complete lines)

Short silver hair, piercing cold blue eyes. Creamy skin. And healthy muscular body. I'm tall, slim and well build. I was born to be fighter. I am fast, swift, and strong, yet fierce. In appearance, I loved the color of red blood. My coat was all red, but I cont wear any shirt inside I just let my top all exposed and only wore red coat. Bottom, I wore black pants that made me easier to run or jump. I wore knee high boots on feet and they were both in black. For me, the color black and red was perfect harmony.

Transformation description (Yokaï and Atavist): (3 lines minimum)

I would look like hydra when I turned. The difference was, I don't have feet or four legs like hydra does. My body would look like snake, long, in black. And I had seven heads. All golden eyed and huge white fangs. This form was huge one, and of course, it would freak the entire city out if I really turn into this huge monster.

Psychological Description: (Minimum 4 complete lines)

I will do what I want, what I like, when I feel like it. That sums up who I was. I don’t have concerns over what people think about me, I ignore people most of the time. I like having fun with my blades and guns, hunting for prey, killing them, battle them. I like bloodshed and war. Sometimes I thought I'm the reincarnation of Ares, the god of war, well.. that was just so wrong, really wrong actually. Anyway. Aside of war an d bloodshed, I also like a situation where I could calmly watch the ocean in the beach, have a nice sun bath, drink orange juice, and listen to music. I like enjoying myself alone. The thing was, when I'm with someone, I tend to break them and in the end, they were freaked out and called me monster. So, ever since that day, I prefer be with myself. Though I'm not a grumpy guy.

Story:(Minimum 7 lines)

one day I was awakened by some weird power. I did not know who that was, or why I was awake and that's it. I need to make a living in this earth and blend with mortals. That was the hard part of my life. I'm a best, a wild serpent, I could not control my rage and blend with people!! But you know.. it's the way of the world, you live in, so I had no choice but to follow the law of nature. The good thing was, I was the top predator and the rest were just germs and they were all my prey! Nobody dared to get close to me, and nobody dared to piss me off, the first guy did that ended up headless, that's why. However, thanks to my reputation, rich guys hired me as their assassin, their secret weapon. I could dig their gold and then, betray those naïve mortals if I wanted to. I have no interest of being loyal to them at all.
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Kagerou Asagiri

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PostSubject: Re: your beloved assassin    your beloved assassin  Icon_minitimeSat 8 Feb - 11:24

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your beloved assassin
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