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 I am a man!

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PostSubject: I am a man!   I am a man! Icon_minitimeSat 1 Feb - 7:41

Last name: Sekibara
First name: Chisaki
Age: 17

Sex: Woman...that's what my parents want me to say...but I'm a man in reality
Sexual orientation: ...I don't really have my word in this matter.

Race: Human
Job: Yakuza...well my uncle's the boss.

Description of your powers:--

Physical Description: People always see me as this soft man, but I am filled with anger towards some people. I have short black hair, black eyes and pale skin. My body is thin yet powerful. It goes against what my mother claims I should look like, but I don't care. When I was sixteen, I ruined my mother's work on my feminity by getting my dragon tatoo on my left side. My clothes are normal with a slight punk style. I have a few piercings as well, but my face is still feminine. No matter how mych I try, I'll always be the second born son.
Transformation Description:--
Psychological Description: I've grown to despise women. In my mind they are all controlling and cruel. My focuse had been forcibly pushed towards man, big handsome and strong men. If the man was too feminine, I was punished. Mother and Father wanted me to be with a man that would dominate me thoroughly. And even if I train, I was still feminine.
I am very nice. I don't really like hurting people, but uncle loves me since I'm not afraid of punching a woman. I don't mind, in my mind, I'm a lady as well.

Story: My family has this very strange tradition. In order to prevent fighting amongst the sons of the family, the first son inherites the family buisness while the second son, to insure that he never inherites, marries a man. That's right. The first born gets the wife and kids and the second born gets a man.
Sadly, I am the second born son. I never had it easy. From birth, I was raised like a woman. My name is feminine, my mother has gotten me accostume to dresses and wigs and makeup. She also raised me to be a lady. Whenever I showed interest in a woman, I would get brutaly punished.
I got annoyed when I was fifteen, I ran away from home. I just couldn't take ot anymore. Though my uncle found me then and he took me under his wing. I got my tatoo after I had beat up someone that owed him money. My body became strong and my will to be a man came back, but in the back of my mind, I still wanted to find a man.
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Kagerou Asagiri

Kagerou Asagiri

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PostSubject: Re: I am a man!   I am a man! Icon_minitimeSun 2 Feb - 8:56

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I am a man!
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