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 Lan Mao aka Aertemis

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Lan Mao

Lan Mao

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PostSubject: Lan Mao aka Aertemis   Lan Mao aka Aertemis Icon_minitimeTue 7 Jan - 15:50

Last name: Mao
First name: Lan
Age: 29 years old

Sex of you character: Man
Sexual Orientation of your character: Men

Race: Yokai
Job: Model, Actor (my stage name is Aertemis)

1- Howl to the blood moon
2- Bound by Flames
3- Blizzard
Description of your powers:
1- Howl to the Blood Moon: Manipulates the darkness within a person's heart to make them become mindless puppets yo my voice. I barely use it though. Only my voice can release them, unless there is a light in their hearts strong enough to break the spell.
2- Bound by Flames: manipulation of flames and their heat. Can change the molecular structure of the blaze to mold it to anything I need it to be. Cannot be burned by flames. My flames will only obey my heart, my flames will burn you if you touch me without permission.
3- Blizzard: A power from my father's side. A mix between wind and water. The wind is so cold that the water turns to snow and creates a viscious blizzard. It blinds the foe and freezes him slowly. My fur keeps me nice and warm.

Physical Description: I have inherited my Father's predominant traits. I have very long white hair and very light blue eyes. Mother really despises those. And even though I have been mistreated during my youth, my body looks good. I tend to keep a serious face all the time, that got me many roles in many movies, commercials and runway shows. I like fur, there's no surprise there considering my Okami blood. My skin however is very pale, proof of lack of sunlight during my youth.
Transformation Description: I am Okami. And so I am an abnormally large white wolf with red marking over my white fur. I have two tails instead of one and my fur is fire proof. My eyes stay light blue even after my transformation to a beast. My speech is deeper and more menacing but at least I can speak in this form as well.
Psychological Description: I am very known for my soft and kind nature, but that's only when I am surrounded by others. Once I am alone, I tend to let myself drown in darkness. I hate white, so I would cut myself just to see the beautiful crimson. Ever since my birth, I've been raised to hate white, to hate myself. I will always act nice or even seductive to other people but I am dead when I am alone. I'd rather just sleep if I am by myself.
I dislike people who say they aren't good looking for the simple fact that I can clearly see their beauty. I am highly attracted to men with dark or colored hair. It foesn't matter wether they are dominant or submissive. I will pleasure them.

White is ugly.
White is the absence of all color. Its a representation of pain and emptyness. The fire is always more painful when it is white hot. White blinds and burns, it creates confusion and anger. I hate white.
Red is beautiful. It's passion and love. Its the color of roses and the link that bounds people together. It's the color of blood.
Mother always hated my father. So when I came to life with hair as white as snow, like my father, mother thought it was important to cover me in crimson. Blood. My blood. Eventually, she even made mean torture me. When one said that my ass felt good, she started selling me to men. One day, I killed her and ran away.
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Kagerou Asagiri

Kagerou Asagiri

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PostSubject: Re: Lan Mao aka Aertemis   Lan Mao aka Aertemis Icon_minitimeWed 8 Jan - 7:50

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Lan Mao aka Aertemis
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