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 black dragon

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Shiragi Suizen

Shiragi Suizen

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PostSubject: black dragon   black dragon Icon_minitimeSun 29 Dec - 11:35

Last name: Suizen
First name: Shiragi
Age: 78 945

Sex of your Character: Man
Sexual Orientation of your character: O_O

Race: Red Rose- Black dragon demon
Job: let me think about it

1- the red eye
2- Esuna

Description of your powers:
1- red eye was like a power to call for flames and fires. As a dragon, I could call out to flames all I want and used them like my servant. I am the source of flame , nothing could tame my flame.

2- Esuna : this will cure all of illness, wounds, curses, scars, anything. There is nothing that I could not heal. This power will devour those pain and darkness, and demolish them completely.

Physical Description:
long wavy hair, dark brown colored , and a unique elf ears ( I don't get it why a dragon like me had such ears!!). I have dark eyes that were deep, and sometimes, it was a mystery to look into it. Some said that when they looked into my eyes, they saw flames, other say they saw a soft figure. My body was slim, slight of muscles, I'm not a big guy at all, nor do I have interest to get huge muscles since that did not suit my image. I prefer gentle figure like I am right now. Most of the day, I would wear normal clothes, but I always let the button loose, and let people saw my creamy chest and belly. I prefer dark colored shirt and pants, I wore golden belt for fashion only.

Transformation Description: I am a black dragon. When I turn, my eyes became golden, fangs grew huge, claws grew big as well. And I was pretty big when I turned. I got four black wings and of course, they were big as well to support my size which was quite big.

Psychological Description:

I like animals, especially the ones that are in the same 'family' as I am. Such as serpent, snake, orochi, and of course, other dragons. So, since I like those animals, I had one white snake as my pet. It was not a normal snake, but it was fully animal ( as in could not turn into human). I kept him around me always, sometimes he clung on my neck, sometimes my shoulder. It was a normal sized snake but of course, it was as deadly as scorpion venom.

Other than my side as an animal lover, I am a gentle person, and with a little bit fondness of BDSM. I liked being dominated a lot. Though I could go both ways ( top and bottom) I still like it intense and.. well.. being dominated was the best thing for sure… I like acting submissive.


I was lost, and then found by some old married couple who happens to be both males. So I was raised in a unique family. With two daddies. So, I learn how to love, act, and see the world like they taught me to. It could be said that I was educated and made to like men more than women. I grew up and then, as I got older, I realize that I was not human. Both of human parents died and I was alone again in the world. They left me with nothing, so I had to make my own living. Then, ever since that day, I worked for a very rich guy who took a liking of me. He was a young businessman who love to keep beautiful young boys and girl for his fun, and right now, I'm one of them. As time goes by. the rich guy died and the kingdom was given to his son. and i, became his son's concubine now. i've been living in here for so many years, yet.. i still enjoyed it.
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PostSubject: Re: black dragon   black dragon Icon_minitimeMon 30 Dec - 8:11

So in other words, you are a Ryuu not really an Okami.
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black dragon
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