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 Yuuji Hyuga

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PostSubject: Yuuji Hyuga   Yuuji  Hyuga Icon_minitimeThu 26 Dec - 9:51

Last name: Hyuga
First name: Yuuji
Age: 1 234 945 years old

Sex of your Character: Man
Sexual Orientation of your character: Men only, it is good that I am immortal, I have no descendants.

Race: Yokaï
Job: I never keep the same job for long. Humans get suspicious of people who do not grow old. For now, I am a Doctor.

1- Call of the Beast
2- Call of the Night
3- Blood Lust
Description of your powers:
1- Call of the Beast: If you are truly a vampire like me, you will have access to a Beast-Servant. The stronger you are, the stronger the Beast servant. I own a Dragon, though I rarely need him.
2- Call of the Night: Not a power as much as it is a condition. Every night, my charm and charisma increases without me having to do anything. It makes everyone, male or female, that sees me feel like they want to give themselves to me.
3- Blood Lust: Whenever I bite someone to drink their blood, a strong aphrodisiac is released and my prey feel immense pleasure instead of pain. That is useful for me. It also makes them believe that I was nothing but a wonderful dream.

Physical Description: Visibly, I'm a man. There is no denying that my physic makes more then just women swoon over me. My hair is kept short, the style seldom changes except when I must disapear for a while. My eyes, hard to hide, are bright red, though I can temporarily change their color to something humans consider normal, the procedure does sting a bit. The clothing I wear always depends on the era I live in. These days though, I've grown fond of my fur coat and leather pants. People never expect me to say that I'm a doctor especially after meeting me outside of the hospital where I work.
Transformation Description: The only cha ge that occures when I let myself turn into my normal form are, yes visible, but not amazing. I grow large dragon like black wings a long tail ending with a spike and my ears grow longer like those of elves.
Psychological Description: From the beast that I was in the past, I am completely different today. I just want to fit in with the humans and hide from their views. The best way is to be as oblivious as them, though I do play some games with some of them. My games are sometimes sadistic, but most are just mind games in order to entertain myself. Other then those games I'm a very nice and very generous man. I can't stand seeing an animal suffer either. I will always extend my arms for those who ask my help.

Story: I am behind most legends that humans invent. I am the very first of those who walk in darkness, humans call my kind vampires. Although it is true that we drink blood, it is false that we can't stand the sun, garlic or holy water. And let's make one thing clear, a stake in the heart kills a human, not a Yokaï.
During my youth, I was curse by a Yokaï witch and became blood thirsty. After years and years, I learn to control my lust for blood and my new found powers. I also learned that I could sleep for centuries at a time and wake up whenever I felt like it. The only down sidr to all of this is having to change jobs and location so I don't raise suspicions. I also change my name. My real name is Yuuji, but for now, my name is Doctor Daniels.
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Yuuji Hyuga
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