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 The embodiment of the Seven Sins

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Fei Li Star

Fei Li Star

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PostSubject: The embodiment of the Seven Sins   The embodiment of the Seven Sins Icon_minitimeTue 15 Oct - 9:25

Last name: Star
First name: Fei Li
Age: 200 989 years old

Sex of your Character: Man
Sexual Orientation of your Character: Who wouldn't desire me?

Clan: My petals are as red as passion itself
Job: Singer, Actor, Model...soul reaper Wink

1- Charm
2- Fool's Gold
3- Hell's Blessing
Description of your powers:
1- Charm: Lust and Pride are part of the Seven Sins. I know I look good and I use charm in irder to get what I want from others. For the time I use my gift, you will have no will.
2-Fool's Gold: It's a wish I can grant but there are consequences to your wish. Greed can easily become your worst nightmare. Be careful what you wish for it might be the last thing you ever desire. 
3- Hell's Blessing: I can chose to either heal you of all your wounds, for a price of course, or make you suffer for my amusement. Though of course I heal myself all the time so that my flawless skin has no wound or scar.

Physical Description: It takes beauty to be a model, but it takes perfection to be a Model, an Actor and a Singer and need no makeup to prepare my face. Yes, I have that perfection, I am a Humonculus that embodies the seven deadly sins. My hair is long and silky in a natural purple-ish color and my eyes are light brown. My skin is soft and pale, I have a beauty mark under my right eye. My body is nice and tight, slightly muscular but mostly soft and sexy. My clothes are luxurious, I can't help being attracted to luxury. 

Transformation Description: I mostly stay the same although my ears grow long and pointy and two thin and long horns grow on my head. A long flexible flesh colored tail with a spade shaped end and finally two black bat wings.

Psychological Description: I won't mock you, I am ready to do anything in order to get whatever I want. I will not talk to you if I consider you trash, which I will if you are useless to me. I love luxury and I will wear clothes only made of the finest linens, I don't wear many jewels since I want people to see the natural me.
I'm pretty seductive and lustful, but when you piss me off, you'd best be fast to run away. Other then that, I like to meddle in other people's lives and make a mess out of them.

"Please! Please take it back! I don't want this curse anymore! Give me back my wife and child!"

I crossed my legs and smiled at him as I sat on my pure white and gold throne, my servants and slaves sitting and standing around me.

"I wish to be rich and famous. Didn't you get your wish, Midas? Your very hands make the gold you crave and those hands have made you quite the famous man. Is it not enough? Do you have another wish?"

[i]He begged me on his knees for me to give him back his family. I did just that. I cut his head off. There, he was back with his family. I laughed.

I've had many names across the years. I've been known as both Merlin and Morgan. I've been known as the black witch who spread the black plaigue and other dark entities, but I was also known as a God for many cultures then a demon for others. I gave Julius Ceasar his empire and then took it from him. I gave the Han their Dynasty. I gave Cleopatra her time on the throne. I gave all of them what they desired with a slight twist that always entertained me. Ceasar wanted his empire to live as long as he did, after his son stabbed him, his empire slowly disapeared. The same thing happened to all of them, they all lost what they desired and I smiled in the shadows. Although my work as part of the red rose family is to gather up the souls of humans that are high quality enough to make quality demons, I believe I am having too much fun farming these pathetic creatures.
Today, I am Fei Li Star. Everyone knows me. I am loved, desired and most of all, I am entertained.
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The embodiment of the Seven Sins Empty
PostSubject: Re: The embodiment of the Seven Sins   The embodiment of the Seven Sins Icon_minitimeTue 15 Oct - 9:45

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The embodiment of the Seven Sins
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