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PostSubject: Jin   Jin Icon_minitimeFri 4 Oct - 13:20

Last name: Nameless
First name: Jin
Age: 69 777 years old

Sex of your Character: man
Sexual Orientation of your Character:...

Race: Yokaï, Oni
Job: Jack of all trades

Description of your powers:
1- Inferno: Blazing flames are manipulated by my will. The fire's temperature depends on what I decided, if it burns, if it dances painlessly on your skin, it's all my will.
2-Akumu: It fills me, the darkness of Nightmares. Whether you are asleep or awake, I can make you see and live your worst nightmare and the pain that comes with it.
3-Mikomi: I cannot use that power on myself, Father refuses, it is my healing power. It can heal whatever wound or mortal infection a body has. Be it poison, toxins or infections, there is nothing I cannot heal.

Physical Description: I was raised to be a weapon, a tool, so my body shows the training I had to go through. It also shows the many punishments I had to live through for being the son that shouldn't live.
I have blond hair and blue eyes which is completely different from my Mother's husband but exactly alike Inferno's King and alike Dante. They are my real family, but I only knew fifty years ago. Since father does not allow me to heal my wounds, my body is covered in scars. I am aware that my body makes some swoon, but I never show any interest. I am nothing but a puppet, a doll.

Transformation description (Yokaï and Atavist): Not much about my physical changes, however, black horns grow out of my head and black wings appear along with a long, thin black devil tail. My eyes and hair don't change and my tattoos start having a life of their own, meaning that they become real creatures that slip off my body.

Psychological Description: My mother has always called me her angel. I used to be this happy child that was always willing to help everyone, however everything changed the day my mother told her husband that I wasn't his child. From that point on I wasn't treated differently, it was even worse when my older brother died. Mother's husband then blamed me for everything that went wrong in his life. He disowned me and started using me as a tool. He beat me up until I stopped feeling pain and he insulted me until I simply stopped feeling anything. I am dead inside.

"You are a disgrace to this family! If only your brother was still there!"

This was what I lived through all the time. Well, ever since my older brother was killed. My father knew that I wasn't his son but the son of another man. We looked nothing alike. He had black hair and red eyes, I had blond hair and blue eyes. I have another two other brothers, from my real Father's side. One of them is well known, Dante.
The day my Father found out I wasn't his son, he disowned me and started treating me as nothing. When my brother died, I asked him if he wished that I had been the one to die and he said yes. It broke me. From that day on, I've done everything he orders me. I am not a man anymore, I am a tool for him to use. After fourth years, I stopped feeling pain. After fifty years, I simply stopped feeling.
My body is scarred, bruised and broken, but I don't feel it. My heart is dead. One day, Father told me to go to the human world and to stay there until he forgives my existence. I have heard of Dante's tavern, perhaps he can offer me a good job.
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