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 NARUTO!!! ( can i be hokage?? LOL)

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Naruto Uzumaki

Naruto Uzumaki

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NARUTO!!! ( can i be hokage?? LOL)  Empty
PostSubject: NARUTO!!! ( can i be hokage?? LOL)    NARUTO!!! ( can i be hokage?? LOL)  Icon_minitimeFri 16 Aug - 10:59

Last Name: Uzumaki
First Name: Naruto
Age: 6 666

Sex of your Character: male….
Sexual Orientation of your Character:……. O_O

Race: Yokai ( fire fox) not Mozilla please…

Job: Ramen Shop owner
Powers: [3 for Yokaï, 2 for Atavists, 0 for humans] Remember your powers must have something to do with your bloodline.


Description of your powers: (At least 2 lines)

Kyubi :
Can change into a nine tailed fire fox. When he changed, his powers , strength, and healing ability were all at its maximum. He would change completely into a beast ( a giant one) with huge fangs and claws. he has the ability to summon flames as well since this was a fire fox.

Rasengan : make an air ball with his bare hands. Concentrating his chakra all on the palm and then make the air ball bigger and bigger, then, he could threw it to the enemy ( just watch naruto and you'll understand how this works).

Physical Description:(Minimum 4 complete lines)

He is a fire fox Yokai. He has short blonde hair, light blue eyes that filled with 'fire' and strong will. He has some kind of markings on both cheek, he has it since the day he was born, he does not know what was that about but those marks were there from the start. He has a healthy honey skin and the color was a bit tan, so, he is slightly exotic brown. He wears a black / orange shirt most of the time, but sometimes he would wear clothes like simple T shirt and short jeans or pants . When he worked at his ramen shop, he would wear his chef clothes. All white and with the hat for sure!

Transformation description (Yokaï and Atavist): (3 lines minimum)

He would change into a gigantic firefox ( again not Mozilla). He would have a huge pair of claws and fangs. His eyes would turn into a fiery red, and he would have nine tails, they're fluffy and huge! Of course since he was huge, he rarely turn into a fire fox, it would be troublesome to move, he was too huge and he would smash the whole ground with one step.

Psychological Description: (Minimum 4 complete lines)

He was a fun man, funny, silly, stupid, sloppy, and friendly one. He liked to joke around, make silly jokes, or say something stupid. Despite all the stupid things he did, he was a good man, and hard working one. He likes ramen a lot and that makes him open a ramen shop of his own. He called his shop "ichiraku ramen". He has always been a cheerful person and filled with life. He was also a person who was faithful to his friends. He would never leave his friends behind. He tend to bring hope and new strength to other people that needed it. He would grab their hands, and helped them.  One more thing, Naruto was someone who just don't know how to give up. He would never give up on something that was worth fighting for.

Story:(Minimum 7 lines)

His parents died in a war. He was raised by the academy. And he does not have friends with him. That was because he was the firefox. The huge a, wild, and dangerous firefox. This situation continued until he grew up. Lucky for him, he got teachers and friends who supported and loved him. Thus, he manage to grow up as a good man. Right now. He has a descent shop and life. He opens his own ramen shop and he learns lots of things about cooking ramen. But of course, he also practice his skill and combat arts as well. Despite being a great chef, he was also a great fighter. Right now, he was concentrating in how to make the best ramen in town. he learned from overseas and other ramen master. his dream was to be the greatest Ramen master chef of all time!!!Oh, one more thing, he always opens his ramen shop at 9 Am until the ramen sold out! So… come and enjoy the ramen!!!
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NARUTO!!! ( can i be hokage?? LOL)  Empty
PostSubject: Re: NARUTO!!! ( can i be hokage?? LOL)    NARUTO!!! ( can i be hokage?? LOL)  Icon_minitimeSat 17 Aug - 7:03

Validated! I'll add the rest on a computer!
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NARUTO!!! ( can i be hokage?? LOL)
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