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 Kimarhi Rosso

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Kimarhi Rosso

Kimarhi Rosso

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PostSubject: Kimarhi Rosso   Kimarhi Rosso Icon_minitimeSun 28 Jul - 10:07

Last name: Rosso
First name: Kimarhi
Age: 2 154 years old

Sex of your character: Man
Sexual orientation of your character: I've no time to decided.

Race: Yokaï, Shi or commonly known as Foo Dog.
Job: Guardian

1- Protection Orb
2- Massive Healing
Description of your powers:
1- Protection Orb: I use it to make a protective barrier that surrounds one person or a small group from any bodily harm.
2- Massive Healing: I can heal anything type of wound on either my Master or myself.

Physical Description: Rosso don't cut their hair, so mine goes all the way down to my rear. They are naturally orange-ish red. The marks that cover my sun tannrd skin are the marks I recieved during my training. The marks on Rosso skin are different colors depending on their strenght. The closer the color is to blood the stronger the Rosso. I am also short compared to other Rosso and I have been mocked, but I have proved ny valor to them all. I wear nothing but tradional Rosso clothing, so easily taking off to fight better. I prefer natural colors that contrast well will my hair.
Transformation Description: Rosso are know to resemble Chinese Guardian Lions when they transform. Our bodies get covered with fur, mine is white, our faces resemble that of a lion, we gain the ears, the claws and paws, though we stand tall on our feet, even though we could still tun on all fours. And we also have the lion's tail.
Psychological Description: I, like any Rosso, am a very proud man. I will not stand being humiliated in public. Unless you are my master. I will always protect the weaker people even if they are complete strangers. I am loyal, more so then other Rosso. I will stand by my master's side even when he is with another man or a person of some sorts. I will not leave even under threats of lovers or love rivals. I can seem distant and almost ignoring you but my mind is always focused and I am always watching you, protecting my master.

Story: I am Kimarhi Rosso from the Rosso tribe. We of the Rosso tribe are natural born warriors. It does not matter if one is born male or female, we must all go through the hard and sometimes deadly training they give us. Once that is complete, we are adults. The step after that, we are assigned to a Yokaï or Atavist family that we must serve and protect for the rest of our lives. Rosso are very proud and loyal warriors. Even if treated like trash we will stand by our family's side. This is who we are. I was assigned my family at a young age, my family was the Sakurai family, more precisely, I was to protect Reika.
I will serve him with my life.
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PostSubject: Re: Kimarhi Rosso   Kimarhi Rosso Icon_minitimeSun 28 Jul - 10:24

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Kimarhi Rosso
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