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PostSubject: Larentia Kirigawa   Larentia Kirigawa Icon_minitimeSat 20 Jul - 17:33

Last Name: Kirigawa
First Name: Larentia(meaning the biblical shewolf who nursed infant siblings remus and romulus)(Often called as Faolan meaning Little Wolf)
Age: 21

Sex of your Character: Female
Sexual Orientation of your Character: Straight as a board.

Race: Atavist, Ookami
Job: If you get close she might ask you to assist her with her job.  

The Sending-

The Descent

Description of your powers:

1. The Sending: An ability that is can be activated for a short period of time by the devouring of Wheat Seeds. It allows the Ookami to disappear but have its presence sensed by wild animals and will guide Atavist/Humans to their destinations if they are lost in the Ookami's Forest. The length of time the Ookami is allowed to keep this ability activated depends on the amount of Wheat Seeds devoured by the Ookami. (One seed- one hour etc)

2. The Descent: An Ability that grants the Ookami to give One Wish to a Human/Atavist of worthy standing. Activated by digesting a drop of said worthy being's blood. This ability can only be activated twice in a moon cycle, Once on the full moon and Once on the New Moon. It is not an ability that can be forced, if the Ookami is forced to take in the blood of someone who is not worthy of the wish that is wanted then she will become lethargic and die within four days of digesting the blood.

Physical Description:
Her hair is golden orange like the setting sun's ray upon field of golden wheat, silken like that of the finest silk sheets and falls in long semi-wavy locks to her lower back. Her eyes are as red as the reddest freshly picked apples, they shimmer like rubies when hit with light at a specific angle and are often mistaken to be flickering like the fires of a home's hearth. Skin pale like fresh cream, though she has a rather unfortunate flaw that comes in the form of an large bite mark scar on her left outer thigh. Her body isn't very noticable as she doesnt have a very curvy, womanly body but its average so shes not straight as a nail. Her canine teeth are slighty pointed.

Transformation description:
Upon using Wheat or Blood she will grow pointed golden oragen wolf ears with white tips that have amazing hearing capabilities, A long bushy tail of the same coloring as well as semi-longer sharper nails. Her pupils dialate out to where the pupil takes over the irises at night and vice versa during the day for maximum seeing capabilities during the day and night times. Her nails can slice through most material except for steel/metal, in her transformed state she is capable of hearing things and seeing things from a mile away.

Psychological Description:
She has high-standard thinking of herself, she respects others if they give her that respect as well. She can be rather narcissitic when it comes to things like the upkeep of her ears and tail's fur as well as keeping her hair nice. She often berates herself mentally and can be seen mumbling to herself usually about the fact that she got that scar or something has annoyed her. She has low-self esteem due to the scar and its not completely clear whether or not she is all there in the head as she often spaces out at times especially when working or thinking about her work. She has various sides to her psychological state which are influenced into triggering by certain things such as high states of hormones/pheromones or high levels of emotional distress. Upon first meeting her, shes normally rather quiet, calculating and studious. It can make you think just what is she plotting though if you push the wrong buttons you just might end up with her more...violent psychological demeanor coming out wanting to choke you out. She can get awkward and violent when angry though most of the time it can be viewed as something hilarious or pitiful as she is quite clumsy when angry and often cries when mad.

Born from a Yokai Woman and a Human Man, Larentia lived in the mountains of Japan with her mother and siblings for many years until one night when she was 12 years old her mother was slaughtered in front of her by Yokai who frown upon the Yokai with Atavist children. She attempted to save her surviving younger brother which earned her the large scar on her leg as she was taken down by another Ookami Yokai. They tore the young boy apart, horrified and tramuatized she managed to stab the other wolf in the eye with her fingers getting out of his jaws and fleeing for her life stumbling along until she managed to get to her father's house. Try as he might he couldn't get the girl to speak a word as haunting screams of her family kept ringing in her ears. A year later she began to speak again but in order to deal with the tragedy and the horror of those memories her psychological mentality split into many pieces locking the darker one deep into her body so that she could forget all about what happened. She and her father moved away later that year and continued to move from place to place though at the age of 21 years old her father an old man of 65 passed on after having a massive heart attack. His lawyer who was also an Yokai that was good friends with her mother talked her into moving into the Ayakashi House, though she frowned at the idea of it as she was afraid of dealing with other Atavists and Yokai, she begrudingly accepted it and packing up her stuff went through the long process of having to deal with the move. Arriving at the Ayakashi house, she sighed here would be the start of her new life.  

Other: Apartment number please! <3 Strawberries are amazing.
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Larentia Kirigawa
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