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 Zenge, the Hyakume

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PostSubject: Zenge, the Hyakume   Zenge, the Hyakume Icon_minitimeWed 10 Jul - 11:17

Last Name: Zenge
First Name: Natsume
Age: 21 years old

Sex of your Character: Man
Sexual Orientation of your Character: Who knows!

Race: Atavist, Hyakume
Job: Secret Service

1- Clairvoyance
2- Purification
Description of your powers:
1- Clairvoyance: Since I am descendant of a Hyakume branch, it's normal for me to be able to foresee certain things. Of course I can also see things that others cannot and that make me a little special, right? But then, if I use this too long, I get real sick, and that's a big No No!
2- Purification, Strange power I've got there. I can make wounds disappear, illness heals, and even possession be broken. I can use this on anyone, but myself. Too bad! Besides, I'm strong enough to protect myself!

Physical Description: My red hair is very long, but it's cut in a way to hide my right eyes. My right eye is the one the sees the things others don't and since it takes a lot of energy to use it, I'd rather cover it up with bandages and see with my left eye. Now, my eyes change color depending on the powers I use. If I used Clairvoyance they turn black, if I use Purification, they turn red, but my natural color is a soft silver. As for the rest of my person, I dress in my Secret Service uniform and always wear my bunny ear on my head. Why? Why not! They make people smile!
Transformation description: Total grossness. My body is covered in eyes. They all have a purple like iris and they can see everything that's going on around me. They don't blink, though they can get damaged. I hate turning into that form, my pretty skin looks disgusting when I do. That's the only change that happens. And once those eyes are out, after that, I have to take a nice long nap.
Psychological Description: Life cannot be too serious. It is my mission in life to make everyone smile and laugh. Though every single one of my plans have a hidden meaning to them, they are always meant to do good. If you have a crush on someone but you're too stupid to say it, Natsume will be there to manipulate the both of you until you both hold hands! When it comes to work, I take it easy, but I will defend you if needed. Though if I think you can defend yourself, I’ll let you do what you can and play around until you ask for my help. I won’t do anything unless you plainly ask me to do it. I just love making people blush!

Story: So my parents never really like me. The gene skipped them and they were hoping it would skip me, but I was born with multiple eyes and they got grossed out. They locked me up in a dark room for years until they could send me to the Ayakashi House. I was more than happy to go there and to leave them. I grew up in this house and found myself often defending others from the humans outside, that how my brilliant career as a Secret Service agent began. I am still young, but I’ve discovered myself to be strong enough for mostly anything. Furthermore, I do love doing perverted things and I love making people uncomfortable around me. My name is known in the Ayakashi House as the bunny man, be careful, I’m simply a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Other: Let's all get along, shall we ^o^
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PostSubject: Re: Zenge, the Hyakume   Zenge, the Hyakume Icon_minitimeWed 10 Jul - 11:24

Very well.
I'll accept.
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Zenge, the Hyakume
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