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 a stray cat...

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Riku Akihiko

Riku Akihiko

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PostSubject: a stray cat...   a stray cat... Icon_minitimeSun 7 Jul - 11:49

Last Name: Akihiko
First Name: Riku
Age: 18

Sex of your Character: come to me... and... look deeper...
Sexual Orientation of your Character: ^_^ just come closer and find out!

Race: Atavist ( nekomata)

Job: stray cat

Powers: [3 for Yokaï, 2 for Atavists, 0 for humans] Remember your powers must have something to do with your bloodline.

Mind control : using my voice like a seductive one. And then the wave of the voice would enter the ear, went through the brain, and stimulate the hearer to become my puppet. With this, you will lose control over your body and mind. You will be like a soulless creature that would do every command that I wanted you to

Regen : this power allows me to regenerate every time I was wounded. I don't have time to bleed. My scars immediately healed as if nothing ever happened to me. I can use this gift to heal others ( by sharing our blood). Of course, the healing part only worked if I was willingly share my blood ( it can't be done if it's by force).

Physical Description:(Minimum 4 complete lines)

With Long black silky hair, coal black eyes, pale skin and slim skinny figure. That makes me look exactly like a woman.i used to work as a geisha, though with time, the house collapse in bankrupt and i ended up being a nobody. i used to be the most talented geisha, but now, i am nothing but nobody. so, i lived in the street as a stray cat. i ate from what fell from people's table, i stayed as a cat, a small cat form since people liekd me better that way. and it was safer for me too. in my cat form, i have a white fur on the bottom, light brown covering the top and part of my face. and.. surprisingly.. blue eyes... yes... in my cat form.. i have blue eyes..and of course, i got a pair of tiny wings since i was a tiny kitten.

Transformation description (Yokaï and Atavist): (3 lines minimum)

For my animal form, I would look like Kirara ( in Inuyasha anime) only with wings and the fur was all light blue just like the wings. I could take the form of a cute little neko with the same shape and all. I would purr and acted like a cute little kitten. but when i felt threatened, my wings would come out and i would fly higher than the strongest eagle ever did.

Psychological Description: (Minimum 4 complete lines)

I am a person who like to seduce people but only those who were good looking or cute according to my taste. i was a geisha after all, but not a mere geisha, i was also a whore when i was at the love house. though along with time, it all changed, and my personality also changed. i am willing to do anything as long as that person gave me food to survive. i did not know how to work in office, did not know how to live as a man, so i prefer lived as a stray cat which i found easier to live in.

Story:(Minimum 7 lines)

it all began when i was a kid, i was abandoned by my parents and then, i lived by myself. a woman took me in and she found out that i was more than a normal boy, i was special. i was more beautiful than the whores she had in her brothel. so, i was trained hard to be the best geisha there, and so i became the best. it lasted till i grew up to a young adult. i turned eighteen. then, everything changed. a man burned the brothel and some soldiers killed all of the whores inside, including the owner. luckily, i could transform into a little kitten and so i did. i escaped death. then, i ended up in the street, as a stray cat. nobody owned me, no place to stay, i had nothing but my own self. from that day onward, i started my life in the street, as a cat, an animal, rather than human like i used to do.
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PostSubject: Re: a stray cat...   a stray cat... Icon_minitimeTue 9 Jul - 16:19

I'll accept.
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a stray cat...
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