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PostSubject: Seth kaein   Seth kaein Icon_minitimeTue 2 Jul - 18:01

Laste Name: Kaein
First Name: Seth
Age: 238 901 years old

Sex of your Character: Man
Sexual Orientation of your Character: Anything is fine, as long as it can spread their legs for me.

Race: Yokaï
Job: Lab Technicien

1- Blood Manipulation
2- Object manipulation
3- Object summoning
Description of your Powers:
1- I can manipulate every drop of blood inside or out of your system. I can boil or freeze it, make it go against the current, created objects out of it or simple make all your blood become a lethal poison.
2- I usually manipulate objects that are long. Strings, ropes, chains, whips, anything I can use to harm or restrain you. They do what I want they to do. Even if you cut them in pieces, it simply means more things for me to manipulate.
3- As long as my objects are placed in their proper place, I can make them appear wherever I am. If not, then nothing will appear around my arm.

Physical Description: My silver hair is short on the right side while longer in the left side of my head. My blue eyes are filled with knowledge and loneliness. My skin is pale but very soft. On my right shoulder all the way to my hand are what people take for a tatoo, yet they are summoning symbols. I am built like an athletic man, but I've never done anything to force those muscles.
When I'm not at work, I like to wear no shirts and simply a fur coat to keep my shoulders warm and my symbols hidden. I wear simple black pants both at work and at home. Comfort is important to me.
Transformation Description: Nothing much changes from my normal human shape to my natural demonic form. I simple have very sharp claws instead of my nails, fangs in my mouth that are strong and sharp enough to tear metal intobits and two horns on my head. These are the only changes my physical body have when I change shapes.
Psychological Description: I am known to be very serious all the time. It's not totally true, but I can't deny it either. I am a very serious person. Or rather, I am always in my own bubble. I think all the time. I don't mind the company of other, but don't expect me to start a conversation or show any great interest to whatever you say. Otherwize, I am kind and I like to help others if there is something in it for me to gain. This is quite different from what I used to be.

Story: I used to dit on a throne of blood, thousands if servants, pets and whores lined up at my feet to please my every fantasies. I used to be selfish, cruel and quite franctly a tyrant. But then, I met him. He was such a good looking pet. I wanted to hurt him, I wanted him to cry. As I was about to hit him, the fear in his eyes changed me. I loved him. He was the one man that changed the demon I was to an almost heavenly creature. This human however, eventually died. I watched him as he withered away with time and then gave his last breath, making me promise to stay the kind demon I had become.
Many centuries later, I have not yet broken my promise but I feel that it's time for me to find someone new to keep me balanced before the desire for blood comes back to me.

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Seth kaein
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