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 I'm A model (finally done)

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Kagerou Asagiri

Kagerou Asagiri

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I'm A model (finally done) Empty
PostSubject: I'm A model (finally done)   I'm A model (finally done) Icon_minitimeSat 27 Apr - 13:30

Last Name: Asagiri
First Name: kagerou

Sex of your Character: guess…
Sexual Orientation of your Character: anyone good looking

Race: Atavist (White Fox)
Job: Model ( mostly for female clothing)

Powers: [3 for Yokaï, 2 for Atavists, 0 for humans] Remember your powers must have something to do with your bloodline.

Description of your powers: (At least 2 lines)

Redeemer : healing, purification of any corrupted souls and bodies, use power to eliminate negative effects. Can remove curses as well if desired. The highest state of this power is when it is used to negate all attacks and damage or turned them into energy and absorbed it. This absorbing damage ability could be used as self regen or like auto healing , the scars and wounds closed fast after getting attacked.

Destroyer: dark magic such as curses , mind blast, blood and shadow control. Can cast any kinds of curses upon enemies, use mind blast to either control the victim or destroy their brain into pieces. For shadow and blood control, it means can manipulate shadows and blood at the same time ( such as : turning shadow and blood into weapons or simply used it to control the victim's body)

Physical Description:(Minimum 4 complete lines)

The height was around 180 centimeters, weight is around 65 kilograms. White creamy skin ( not pale) from head to toe. only had very little muscle on the body, mostly look like a lady . my eyes were brown and my hair was long and in perfect color of pitch black, it reached my butt and I always kept it long. Also kept maintaining the weight and feminine look since I work as model for women clothing mostly, rarely did male ones since my face and body figure were feminine. I mostly wear a traditional yukata in light color. My favorite one is the one in light green and white with flowers and leaves pattern on the right and left sides of the yukata. In daily activity I wore any kinds of clothing, includes the simplest one like T shirts and pants, so it's not always all formal and complicated clothes that I wore.

Transformation description (Yokaï and Atavist): (3 lines minimum)

I'm a White fox, so yes, I transform into a white fox for real. I can control this transformation all I want. When I was in my fox form, I will have an exact form of a fox, with a thick white fur all over me , golden eyes , sharp claws and fangs, body length was around 1 meter, height was around 50 centimeters , so yes I'm pretty big when I'm in a full form of white fox. However, I can also turn into a half fox ( so not entirely turn into animal). I can show you my tail only, or my fangs and claws but in my human form, like I said, I can control which and how I would transform.

Psychological Description: (Minimum 4 complete lines)

it can be said that I am submissive type of person. I usually follow what other's want from me but they must be stronger than me in order to have me under their power, if not, then I might take control of them and turn the table around. It may be rare for someone to be both submissive and cunning at the same time, but I learn how to survive so well, and that is what become of me. I like to observe a situation go all submissive when I can't really attack and then when I get the chance I'll bite. Maybe if I find someone worthy out there.. I would eventually show then the side of me that nobody ever learned about.

Story:(Minimum 7 lines)
I started my career as a feminine man model, I work for a famous modeling agency and soon become their top male model. I even surpass the female models myself thanks to my looks and skill. I earn enough money from this job to buy myself a nice luxury apartment , have my own wine bar and all, it can be said that I like to live in comfort and luxury just like other rich dukes and kings. My life is filled with work, fun, party around and sometimes I accompany some good looking rich men to get their money. They always give me something good in return as the payment for spending time with them. Some of them gave me cars, some others jewelries, and a lot more. right now, i was still living in the world where most people wanted, filled with diamonds and pearls, but still, somehow deep inside my dark little heart, i felt that something was missing from my life, i just had not figured it out yet...

Other: (If you wish to add anything else to your character)
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I'm A model (finally done) Empty
PostSubject: Re: I'm A model (finally done)   I'm A model (finally done) Icon_minitimeSun 28 Apr - 11:05

I like it.
Welcome to Ayakashi.

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I'm A model (finally done)
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