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Ever since the humans were born, they thought that they owned the world. They claimed it as their own personal playground and decided that they were the most intelligent species that could exist. Little did they know, they were not the first bipedal, humanoid creatures on the lands.
For millennia, humans have destroyed the land they call their mother, they have polluted their air and over used their resources. They shaved off important natural areas to ext and their reach upon the world. But they didn't know they were destroying sacred grounds for another, violent and much more advanced species. Demons.
Unlike what humans claim to know about demons, they do not come from hell, nor are they born from the darkness of the human heart. They are not related to any religion. In fact, they prey upon humans because they need their souls. Demons, you see are born from flowers. Humans destroy flowers. So it was only fair that demons started preying on humans for destroying their breeding grounds. Demons discovered that their flowers grow more beautiful while growing from human souls and flesh.
They began only taking the humans to feed their breeding grounds. Black roses were fed with strong willed men, red roses were fed by the charmers. However, another kind of demon tried feeding a soft soul, the soul of an innocent man to a lotus flower. The demon born from that flower was simply too soft for the other demons, he ran away from them in the uncharted territories. That soft, kind hearted demon made others like him. Their breed has never been accepted by the others and they were soon hunted down to near extinction. Little of them are left. They live as small tribes hidden in the areas where the others never go.
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